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I'm not sure this is a good idea or not but it will be interesting to see if it works. We also need some way of swapping if you are not available on your designated day. Perhaps that can just be done on this talk page. Angela 07:39, 7 Sep 2003 (UTC)

I don't think this is really necessary. Just go do something! I've been pretty much single-handedly (or at least 70-80% or so) maintaining VfD and VfD/copyvio for the past few weeks, though I often leave unresolved stuff on the page (I concentrate mostly on acting on and removing consensus-to-delete and consensus-to-not-delete articles). --Delirium 08:25, Sep 7, 2003 (UTC)

I do exactly the same (probably in 20% of the time Delirium's not doing it). I'm slightly worried that the list is saying to people that they can't help out if it isn't their official day to do it. Angela 13:52, 7 Sep 2003 (UTC)
Agree with Angela and Delirium. Also, instructions/advice on how to manage VfD should probably be in deletion policy, with similar. Martin 13:25, 8 Sep 2003 (UTC)
Another problem is that if you're not supposed to delete stuff you listed yourself and your cleaning day occurs 7 days after you listed lots of things- then that stuff can't be cleared up. I've changed my allocated date to Schnee's useful comment of "if I remember it, feel up to it and something needs to be done". Angela 01:00, Sep 11, 2003 (UTC)
Well, the idea is that we'll end up with one or two persons for every day in the month, so there'll always be someone there who can clean things up even if you can't.—Eloquence 01:47, Sep 11, 2003 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Featured pictures candidates[edit]

Who is cleaning Wikipedia:Featured pictures candidates ? Bevo 19:56, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)


Added sections for WP:W, WP:VFU and VFD/PC. Radiant_* 10:09, May 25, 2005 (UTC)

Sri Lankan Army Copyrights violation[edit]

Sri Lankan Army There are a number of issues with this article. Firstly it is a copy and paste job from the Sri Lanka Army’s official website at This is a copyright violation.