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I've read nothing to suggest that Premysl Otakar actually took up arms against his brother in 1197 (the actual year that Otakar finally established himself as ruler of Bohemia). Perhaps he did, but in the absence of a certainty I've chosen to edit the article.


I will move this page to Ottokar I of Bohemia soon unless objections are raised. Srnec 16:25, 13 June 2006 (UTC)

Incorrect Photo?[edit]

I believe the attribution of the photograph of Ottokar's face is wrong. I think the statue is more likely to be that of Ottokar II. See these two sites: radio prague's article. Further, the photo matches up with tomb effigy of Ottokar II at this gravesite site than it does with the tombstone effigy in Wikimedia site. Can somebody with pictures of the effigies in St. Vitus, or someone who lives in Prague double check?--Wtfiv (talk) 08:10, 15 June 2009 (UTC)

Freemason book club not a valid source[edit]

Whoever decided to place a "freemason book club" as a source is wrong. That is not a legitimate source of information.

Phillips non-existent invasion of Bohemia[edit]

At the begining of the paragraph titled with "Golden bull of Sicily" stays "Philips invasion of Bohemia was successful. Ottokar, having been compelled to pay a fine, again ranged himself among Philip's partisans". I never read such a bullshit like that. The writer of this article should read something about person of Ottokar I (We in Czech republic call him Přemysl I. Otakar), in best case from some Czech author (I recommend for example Josef Žemlička), because Philip of Swabia never invated Czech lands. From context follows that this non-existent invasion belongs probably to the year 1204, when Ottokar came back from group of allies of Otto IV of Brunswick to the group around Philip of Swabia (this desartation was more than common in this historiacal period, every body were looking only to their personal benefits, there was no time for sentimentality). But the writer of the article probably don´t know that it was voluntary step of Czech king because after Philips successful military campaign against Otto in second half of year 1204 his (Otto´s) group totaly broke up and every body wanted to be in good relation with Philip, because they thought that due to his victory the successor struggles in Holy Roman Empire are finaly over. It was also case of the Czech king and Philip was glad that he see him back in his "camp" because he knew very well that Ottokar is one of the most powerful noblemen in Holy Roman Empire, he had personal experience with Czech military power because it was Ottakar who had the biggest share in the defeat of Philip in Thuringia last year. So I hope that it is clear that there wasn´t any Philips invasion of Czech lands. There was no reason for it. But within objectivity I must say that second part of the citation in beginnig of my article is true. Philip really ordered Ottokar to pay 7000 grziwnas (the piece of metal that weighs cca 273 grams) of the silver and to take back his repudiated first wife Adelhaid of Meissen at the expense of his second wife Constance of Hungary. But these Philips conditions were not valid. Ottokar probably never paid mentioned 7000 grziwnas of the silver and after one year in the Prague Adelheid had to go back to the Meissen and Constance came back to his court. Philip did nothing against these Ottokars steps he knew that he is valuable ally and what more in year 1207 he engaged his daughter Kunigunde of Hohenstaufen to Wencelaus-Ottokar´s son from second marriage. In this step Philip practicly recognaized Ottokar´s marriage with Constance as legitimate despite the fact that three years before that he proclaimed the very opposite. This was the reallity. But we came far from main theme of my article. The claer conclusion is that in year 1204 Philip of Swabia didn´t make any invasion to the Czech lands. This post was added by Martin Bohuňovský, Jihlava, Czech Republic, IP adress: — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 18:29, 14 December 2019 (UTC)

Removed and replaced with what Berend, Urbańczyk, and Wiszewski state.--Kansas Bear (talk) 22:44, 14 December 2019 (UTC)