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Events from the year 1934 in Canada.



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Historical documents[edit]

B.C. MLA Gerry McGeer says depression not "due to a reckless public" but businessmen who "expanded far beyond the needs of the time"[1]

Prime Minister Bennett says nothing "spectacular" will be done to regain economic stability[2]

Conservatives note 25,000 fewer families on relief by end of 1933, but C.C.F. leader finds no improvement in situation[3]

Bill introduced to create Bank of Canada with initial capital of $5 million and "appropriate limitations" on loans[4]

Newfoundland goes under rule by commission "until the credit of the country has been restored"[5]

P.E.I. premier says Island's farming and fishing are "at low ebb," with fishermen "in dire straits"[6]

Bennett government's resources marketing bill will end cutthroat competition in fisheries[7]

P.E.I. merchant finds 1932 Commonwealth trade agreements have produced much export shipping in Halifax[8]

Canadian Jewish Congress will raise $950,000 for German Jewish refugees and ruined businesses in Germany and Poland[9]

MP Samuel William Jacobs indicts German consul-general in Montreal for anti-Semitic pamphlet "Germany's Fight for Western Civilization"[10]

Prairie provinces and federal government assuming dictatorial powers over wheat in emergency control laws[11]

Agriculture deputy minister tells Senate committee how Prairie grasshopper losses as high as 60% will be reduced to less than 10%[12]

"Officials and supporters of the Wheat Pools of Western Canada" give advice to farmers by radio broadcast[13]

Quebec dairy farmer tells Senate committee why he only breaks even and what causes Montreal milk middlemen to lose money[14]

Toronto chain store, needle trade and other employers pay far below minimum wage while city expends $6.6 million in relief[15]

"Preparation of a cavity for an Indian is exactly the same as for anyone else" - Dentist explains cost realities at Mohawk Institute Residential School[16]

Indigenous art (described in past tense as it is "rapidly passing away") can be reinvigorated if promoted to tourists[17]


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