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Xootr Mg (left) and Xootr Street (right) models in use at New York City

Xootr (pronounced "zoo-ter") is a manufacturer of folding kick scooters[1] and was formerly a seller of folding bicycles. Xootr scooters are characterized by 180 mm wheels with aluminium hubs, and a hand brake for the front wheel (for the rear on old models). Compared to the other folding scooters with smaller wheels, these larger wheels provide an easier ride, at the expense of a somewhat less easy portability. The hinge is distinguished from competitors in being locked by inserting a pin, rather than by a cam or other latch. The platform is large enough for adults, and available in plywood, magnesium, or aluminum at different prices.

Xootr scooters were originally introduced in 1999 by Nova Cruz Products. Since 2003, the Xootr scooter has been manufactured and sold by Xootr LLC.[2]


The roots of Xootr go back to 1999, when Karl Ulrich, Nathan Ulrich, and Tom Miner (along with partners Lunar Design and Cheskin Research, and several other investors) founded Nova Cruz Products. Nova Cruz designed, manufactured and sold the Xootr kick scooter, the Xootr eX3 electric scooter, and the Voloci electric motorbike.

The members of the Xootr LLC team have created products for many companies including Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola. They now focus their energies on designing and manufacturing products they consider to be fun, socially, and environmentally friendly.


Kick Scooter Models[edit]

Name Deck Max. Rider Load Components Availability[3]
Ultra Cruz 9-layers of birchwood laminated in polyurethane 300 lb (136 kg) N/A Available
Mg Solid cast magnesium. Available in Black, Red, and Blue 250 lb (113 kg) Single-component deck-rear wheel assembly. Available
Roma 6061-T6 aluminum 300 lb (136 kg) N/A Available
Venus 6061-T6 aluminum 300 lb (136 kg) N/A Available
Street 6061-T6 aluminum 300 lb (136 kg) N/A Available
eX3 Solid cast aluminum 250 lb (113 kg) Battery-powered electric motor. Single-component deck-rear wheel assembly. Discontinued
Comp Carbon fiber deck 300 lb (136 kg) N/A Discontinued

Xootr Swift Bicycle (Discontinued)[edit]

The Swift Folder is a folding bicycle, designed by Peter Reich of Design Mobility Inc. of Brooklyn, New York, in collaboration with Jan VanderTuin of the Center for Appropriate Transport in Eugene, Oregon. The Swift Folder folds more quickly, though less compactly, than many other folding bicycles. From 2004[4] until about the end of 2016, the bicycle was sold under license by Xootr as the Xootr Swift - fully assembled to a standard specification, in a choice of single or 8-speed models[5]

Bicycle Rack System[edit]

The Xootr CrossRack Bicycle Rack enables the mounting of a standard bicycle bag to almost any bicycle especially on bicycles with small wheels.

Hand trucks[edit]

Xootr markets a line of folding hand trucks


Xootr markets its own line of baseball caps and tee-shirts.


Xootr wheels were originally sold in two styles: standard (translucent yellow) and ultra (black), with the ultra wheels having 10% lower rolling resistance.

Teams using Xootr wheels with a custom rubber formulation swept the top three places at the All-American Soap Box Derby Ultimate Speed championships in July 2008.[1][2]

In popular culture[edit]

The Xootr was featured in the film Little Manhattan, where a Xootr Street serves as the primary means of transportation for the main character, Gabe. In one scene, one of his friends has a Xootr Ultra Cruz while another friend makes do with a Razor.


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